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Quartz watch Is the use of"crystal"as an oscillator,the electronic frequency to control the motor,drive the pointer,michael kors watches glitz travel time precision is very high.Electronic watches.That is the electronic movement and quartz movement combination,michael kors watches good both electronic and hand walking indicating watch.This kind of movement such as CITIZEN (Citizen Miyota Co.,Ltd) T250 core.michael kors watches hunger Light table Light energy wave form by a radio receiver and antenna watch built-in,received by a transmitting tower to send"standard time"wave,michael kors watches imitation acquisition time and calendar data,automatic correction of the time and date watch.Standard time signal is used in high-precision cesium atomic watch theory, error of a second one hundred thousand years.michael kors watches in macys Radio watch CITIZEN all adopt the light energy technology,as an energy driven by any visible light.As long as there is light there is energy,as long as they can receive radio will never have error.michael kors watches jewelry Electronic paper watch Electronic paper watch is equipped with electronic paper display watch,which can display the time,week,

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